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Zephiros Ltd

Zephiros Ltd was established in 1997 and is active in the Renewable Energy Sources sector.
It has mainly developed large-scale wind and solar photovoltaic power generation plants as well as hybrid plants, offshore wind farms and energy storage systems.

Since its beginning, the company has provided integrated RES project development services to European strategic investors and some of the largest players on the Greek energy market.

It employs experienced and fully trained personnel with recognised professional standing and maintains an organised network of closely affiliated partners for specialised studies.

It owns some of the oldest projects in operation and has already embarked on one of the first renewals following full plant repowering in Greece.
A number of years ago, company heads took advantage of their experience and know-how acquired by developing and deploying RES projects to establish an affiliated company, Wootis S.A. (, which provides project management, maintenance and operation services to third-party companies.

Zephiros Ltd company profile
Zephiros Ltd company profile
Zephiros Ltd company profile


Our goal and vision at Zephiros Ltd is to continue to invest in Greek entrepreneurship, innovation and quality and to responsibly offer our cooperating partners trustworthy investment opportunities.

We endeavour to grow with respect for our employees, our customers, society and the environment while striving to provide our services with uncompromising commitment to quality.


Athanasios Karadimas CEO

Reiner Borgmeyer General Partner